Academics are first.

We are strong proponents of the many benefits of our academic program, which helps BA students 5th through 8th grade to develop character, independence and self-confidence. Colleges look favorably on students who participate in non-traditional education, especially those programs where the student to teacher ratio is small.

We believe Breakaway Academy is an exceptional program because academics are central to our mission. We hold academics as a priority over athletics; but at the same time, our hockey program isone of the strongest and most unique programs in all of North America. It is a very personal program in which each student receives a great deal of one on one attention, both in the classroom and on the ice or field.

Breakaway Academy uses small teacher to student class ratios (often 1:1). Our program runs in conjunction with most public school calendars in the state of Minnesota.  Our school is fully recognized by the Minnesota State Board of Education as a private school.

We maintain regular communication with the students, parents and advisors, to ensure all school requirements are met. Students must perform to their potential academically in order to be eligible to participate in the athletic component of the program, and this is monitored on a daily basis.

At Breakaway Academy, every student is involved in classroom discussion and receives close attention from the teacher. This approach fosters an atmosphere of active participation by the entire class every day. Teachers teach the student, not just the curriculum. We tailor the curriculum to the student—not the other way around. Taking into account each student’s learning style and extracurricular responsibilities, Breakaway Academy can customize a plan that is unique to the individual student.

Academics Frequently Asked Questions

What is Breakaway Academy?

Breakaway Academy is a High Performance Academic-Athletic private school dedicated to providing ambitious boys and girls the very best in academics along with elite hockey training.

Do the academic requirements meet state standards?
Yes – our curriculum is based on the Minnesota K-12 Academic Standard

Are you affiliated with any other school?
No – Breakaway Academy is a private, tuition based school, locally owned and operated.

How long is the school day at Breakaway Academy?
Our school day runs from 8:30am-3:15pm.

Q: What grades do you offer?
We are a middle school offering 5th through 8th grade.

What are your class sizes?
We have limited our class sizes to a maximum of 15 students per class.

Does Breakaway Academy offer continuing education?
No, your child would go on to a high school (public or private) of your choice.

What subjects are offered at BA?
Our school day consists of Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, Skills Class, and Hockey or Baseball training.

Is Breakaway Academy a team?

No, BreakAway Academy is not a team. It is a school and with top training facilities for Hockey.

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